How Hole in One Contests Work

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Hole in one contests are popular ways to not only raise funds for charities, but to also raise awareness for the cause. Here’s how they work.

Hole in One Contests Can Either Be Stand Alone Events, or Tournament Add-Ons.

Hole in one competitions can function as stand alone events, or organizers can add them on to other golf tournament contests. When they’re stand alone events, golfers can purchase as many chances as they’d like, paying a certain amount for each ball/chance. Thusly, if a golfer wants to take five shots at making a hole in one, they can buy five balls. In order to make sure that everyone has a chance to take their shots, the amount is usually capped.

When hole in one contests are added on to tournaments, they function much the same way. The only difference is that instead of going directly to the particular hole, golfers work their way through the course. Those who purchased chances to win will then take their shots when they naturally arrive at the hole. Sometimes, golfers are automatically entered into hole in one contests when they participate in the overarching tournaments.

They’re Usually on Par Three Holes.

Whether it’s a stand alone event or a tournament add-on, most times the hole in one contest happens on a par three hole. This is to make that the contest isn’t too hard. After all, amateur golfers already have the odds stacked against them. In fact, the odds of getting a hole in one on such a hole for an amateur golfer are 12,500 to one.

They Need to Be Insured.

In the event that someone does get lucky and aces the shot, they’d naturally win the prize. The trouble is that the prizes are often bigger and more expensive than the amount the tournament would make. In order to protect their assets, organizers often take out contest insurance on their tournaments. For a small premium, the insurance provider will cover the prize’s expense in the off chance that someone does win.

Hole in one contests are fabulous ways to raise money for charitable causes. Organizers can host a stand alone contest, or add one on to a larger golf tournament to increase its turn out. If you have any questions about these events, please feel free to ask in the comments.

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