Is Your Health Care Plan Breaking the Bank? Health Insurance Brokerages May Be the Solution

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Starting early next year, any workplace that employs more than 50 employees will be legally required to give health care to almost all of their employees. Although 40% of adult Americans do currently carry health insurance through their workplaces, the majority of adults have to look elsewhere for their long term care insurance needs and for their medical insurance — doctor’s visits, dental, and vision are the most common healthcare needs.

Many Americans find that the cost of sustaining health care is more than they thought it would be. Eight out of 10 adults are not aware of accurate pricing for life insurance, and many are finding that a health insurance brokerage firm is a cost-effective option for finding medical insurance.

These firms are often able to provide potential health care consumers with a variety of health care plans and are dedicated to matching consumers with the most appropriate, affordable medical plan for them.

With the monthly cost of health insurance in the hundreds of dollars or more, depending upon coverage needs, many Americans are choosing to skip life insurance policies, citing costs and perceived lack of need. Although eight out of 10 Americans do understand that life insurance could be a positive health insurance policy to carry, only about six out of 10 actually sign up and make payments.

A health insurance brokerage firm can help potential health care consumers organize their priorities: how much life insurance to carry and which types of medical, vision, and dental plans might be most appropriate for an individual or family in the long-term. A health insurance agency will often be able to comparison shop for the consumer, and may be able to offer several alternatives for health care plans.

Overall, a health insurance brokerage firm may provide an alternative to employee-based health care coverage. When an employee is not obligated to provide its employees with health care coverage, or when the proffered care is not applicable to a consumer’s needs, many Americans are looking to independent agencies for a solution to their health care dilemmas.

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