Learn How a Bailbond Works and How to Post Bail



When someone finds themselves in jail, the first thought is how to leave as soon as possible. Posting bail is typically how this is accomplished. In order to guarantee that an arrested person will show up in court when required to do so, they must post bail, which can take the form of money, a bond, or property. If the defendant fails to appear, the court may decide to keep the bail amount and issue an arrest warrant for the offender.
Setting bail is the judge’s responsibility because many people want to leave prison immediately.

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The majority of jails have basic bail schedules that outline the amounts for bail for common crimes. By posting the bail amount outlined in the stationhouse bail schedule, an arrested person can leave jail quickly. If a suspect wishes to post bail but cannot afford the amount specified in the bail schedule, they may petition the court to reduce it. Based on the state’s procedures, an application for reduced bail may be made during a special bond hearing or when the accused appears in the courtroom for the first time. However, bailbond will be denied only if there is compelling evidence that the defendant will interfere with prosecution witnesses.

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