Some of The Most Shocking Deaths From All Around The World

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Canadians purchased 681,600 life insurance polices just two years ago in 2012. Purchasing real life insurance will at least partially pay for funeral and/or burial arrangements and may help fund any loved ones’ living costs. When buying life insurance, comparing life insurance rates, or comparing term life insurance quotes, few people consider some of the truly bizarre reasons why they might end up cashing it in. Here are some of the strangest ways to die from all over the world.

Drowning In Beer Or Molasses

“In London in 1814, a tank ruptured at a brewery sending 3,500 barrels of beer on a path of destruction. Nine people lost their lives in the wake of the sudsy flood,” The Examiner writes. Similarly, a tank filled with molasses burst in Boston, MA in 1919. At least 14,000 tons of molasses spilled onto the streets, flooded them, and killed 21 people in the process.

Man Plummets To Death Trying to Demonstrate An Unbreakable Window

Lawyer Garry Hoy, 38, apparently had something of a reputation for bragging about the durability of the building’s windows and putting it to the test in front of clients and coworkers. On most days, Hoy harmlessly bounced off the window frame — until July 9, 1993. “Apparently the first attempt came off as usual with Hoy harmlessly rebounding off the window, but when Hoy threw himself against the pane a second time, it popped out of its frame and sent Hoy fatally tumbling 24 stories to the courtyard below,” Snopes reports.

Crocodile Brings Down An Airplane

A crocodile ultimately killed 20 passengers and crew members abroad a small plane in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2010. One passenger smuggled a crocodile on board. The crocodile freed itself mid-flight and, when everyone ran to the other end of the plane to avoid it, they sent the plane into a fatal dive.

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