Why You Should Combine All Your Insurance Policies

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When you’re looking for home, business, life and car insurance, finding a single insurance agency that can handle all of these can simplify things. Instead of four sets of paperwork, you’ll be dealing with just one, with all the relevant information in one location. Many insurance companies will also give you a substantial discount for combining your policies.
Your insurance needs cover both property and person. This includes your home, auto, business, and life insurance range. Not all insurance companies are made alike, and if you find one that does a good job in one area, say auto insurance, chances are that they will also provide excellent service other areas.

Fortunately, not many homes need to make claims. In facts the number of claims in 2014 was just 5.3% of the total number of insured homes. Of these claims, 97.3% were claims for property damage, including theft.
Other leading causes for home insurance claims are water damage and mold. Taken together, claims for water damage and mold are worth $2.5 billion dollars per year. Wind and hail damage are some other common sources of insurance claims due to property damage.

Life insurance coverage acts as a guarantee for your family and dependents that in the event something happens to you, they will be provided for. Many people think that they can’t afford life insurance, but that’s only because they’re overestimating the cost. Studies show that as many as 65% of Americans feel that life insurance is too expensive.
Yet 80% of consumers misjudge the cost of term life insurance. Younger customers especially tend to misjudge the cost of life insurance, with Gen Xers overestimating the cost by 119% an millennials by 213%.
Life insurance is much more affordable than people fear, and it can contribute to your peace of mind.

Auto insurance
Auto insurance is mandatory, but as many as 16% of all drivers on the road at any given moment are not insured. There’s a reason why insurance is mandatory: it encourages and rewards careful driving, while punishing reckless driving.
Given the large number of traffic accidents that happen on American roads each year, it is necessary to have some way to hold reckless drivers accountable. While auto insurance premiums, like life insurance, increase each year, some companies offer discounts for safe driving. Your insurance agency may be among those that offer discounts up to 5% for installing four winter tires.
When you finally find an insurance agency that is responsive to your needs, it makes sense to combine all your policies and meet all your insurance needs in one place.

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