Four Easy Homeowners Insurance Claim Tips

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Homeowners insurance is a vital service for many Americans, helping to protect their property and families from fire damage, theft and more. However, finding the right insurance plan and navigating the claims process can be a challenge. Fortunately, whether you’re trying to figure out how to buy homeowners insurance or diving into the specifics of liability coverage, there are a number of easy, important homeowner insurance tips that can make handling these matters significantly easier. Can these homeowners insurance claim tips help you? Read on to find out!

Consider Your Deductible
Many homeowners think that a low deductible is a better choice, as it makes it easier to qualify for coverage when damage occurs. However, your premiums increase every time you make a claim, meaning that the low deductible can end up costing you more in the long run. To keep your premiums low, try to pay all repairs below or even slightly above your deductible amount yourself.

Take Pictures As Soon As Possible
If damage occurs to your home, start snapping pictures immediately. This will document the full extent of the problem accurately for use in a claim. To increase this accuracy even more, consider walking through your home with a video camera to paint a complete picture.

Keep Track of All Costs
One of the most important homeowners insurance claim tips you can follow is to document everything, including all of the prices associated with your claim. Make a note of the cost of materials, labor, the value of lost items, expenses from alternate living expenses, lost income, the cost of a rental car, everything. Remember, you pay insurance for a reason, and your insurance company can’t help you fully until you tell them exactly how much you spent.

Communicate With Your Insurance Company, Even If You Aren’t Submitting a Claim
Have you found a way to prevent further or future damage to your home? Talk to your insurance company before proceeding. By checking with them if you have a question or make a change, you can avoid a significant number of future problems.

Whether it comes to car insurance coverage, renters insurance, homeowners insurance or another type of coverage, price and protection are the most important things to consider. By using these easy homeowners insurance claim tips throughout your claims process, you should be able to keep your premiums low and get what you paid for. If you’re about to submit a claim, try them out today.

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