Will My Insurance Cover Me When Visiting a Pain Center?



This video discusses conditions under which the insurance will cover when you visit pain centers. Insurance is one of the factors that could influence your chronic pain management plan. Coverage depends on diagnosis or treatment history if you opt for alternative medicine such as acupuncture or chiropractic massage. However, most insurance companies may not cover alternative medicine on their own.

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As a policyholder, you will have some basic pain coverage which varies from one insurance provider to another. For example, you might be eligible for the following:

Inpatient coverage: As an inpatient, you might receive pain management treatment such as prescription drugs, occupational therapy, and spinal injections covered by insurance

Prescription drug coverage

Chronic disease management

Pain centers might offer personalized pain management if you have chronic pain. Keep a good record of all your visits so your insurance provider can determine what they cover under their policy. A policy clause may cover treatment options, such as chronic disease management.

In other cases, you might have to pay some costs, especially if the insurance provider does not cover a particular treatment. Consult with your insurance provider and pain centers to ensure you have clear information upfront.


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