What You Need to Know About Insurance for Your Porta Potty Rental Company



The YouTube video explains small business insurance. When you first start your portable toilet business, you should seriously consider insurance for your business, as it’s crucial for any business to be properly insured. Your portable toilets will most likely be placed on-site, and you’ll need to transport these facilities to the site. In addition, you’ll be using specialized equipment to set up your facilities. There is a lot to consider in terms of insurance.

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Small Business Insurance

The most important insurance you must have is general liability insurance, which covers you for third-party injury, personal injury, and property damage claims. It will cover legal fees, medical, and settlements if anyone gets injured while using your facility. You’ll also need auto insurance to cover the vehicles in your fleet in the event of an accident. This differs from traditional insurance as it is commercial auto insurance for businesses.

Furthermore, you’ll need to ensure that your workers are properly covered through worker’s compensation insurance if they get injured while on duty. This insurance covers their medical expenses, lost wages due to downtime, and in the event they become disabled while on duty. You’ll also need property and equipment insurance to protect your property and equipment. A porta potty rental in Washington should be properly insured to protect all parties.


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